About Bakers Concepts Ministries @BCMP

“Building Spiritual and Financial Dreams Through Outreach Ministry” ~BCMI

“Building Spiritual & Financial Dreams Through Christian Based Outreach Ministry”

Pastor Daniel Baker, aka “Pastor Danny,” Senior Pastor,  Founder, CEO, and President of the Non-Denominational Christian based organization referred to as The Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies, founded Bakers Concepts Ministries, DBA., BCMI in March of 2000 as the official charity arm of the Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies LLC., DBA. BC&ACI.

​BCMI is a well-known Non-Denominational Christian-based Co-Op intervention and Co-Op outreach ministry. BCMI is dedicated to advocating for the mentally ill, addicted, the disabled, teens at risk, special needs kids, single mothers, single fathers, domestic violence victims, those victims of crimes deemed they did not commit, veterans, and the self-employed, the homeless, and the lost. (Our Mission) 

Bakers Concepts Ministries (FP-GP) DBA., ​BCMI also administers a program called “Pastors with Promise,” a  wholly-owned subsidiary of BCMI. This program is a Non-Denominational Christian-based program that seeks to build God’s kingdom through those called by God to work as Ordained Pastors in the Non-Denominational Christian-based Outreach and Intervention Ministry. Let’s face it. No one wants to hear from someone who has had a perfect life. Can you spell “Boring”!! Join a ministry that seeks those with demanding lives and challenging backgrounds, and through God’s transformation, YOU know your adversity has become your testimony!! Check out the requirements for this program at BCMI today.  

In alignment with God’s vision and purpose for BCMI, Pastor Daniel Baker called Marcy Rios-Baker, Co-Founder of BCMI. Marcy Rios-Baker, who came from humble beginnings, Co-Founded a ministry run by BCMI. This program is called  “The BCMI Christian Underground Railroad. Marcy Rios served the ministry as The Executive Administrator to the ministry in March of 2000. Together they all collectively Founded and Co-Founded BCMI as it is today…​

Bakers Concepts Ministries (FP-GP) DBA., BCMI runs a “God Fathers Ministries program.”  Hay, let’s face it, “Men helping Men” stand up and become men is a dying breed. We have entered a world about “me myself and I” Godfathers Ministries aligning strong men into teens and young adults who want to “succeed.”  Do you feel God calling you to be a mentor? Find out how to join this program.

BCMI is a Non-Denominational Christian-based ministry. Its wholly-owned subsidiaries are a for-profit Co-Op Christian-based Intervention Outreach Ministry, a street ministry founded after Pastor Daniel Bakers and the Co-Founder Marcy Rios’s lifelong trials and tribulations, which have become our testimonies.

​Bakers Concepts Ministries, BCMI is all about taking anyone who seeks the ministry and is in adversity spiritually and temporally and pointing them in the right direction through Christian Ordinances, Strong Biblical Teaching, Biblical Foundational, Success Principals, and Financial Principals.

We teach the principles of forgiveness, repentance, and transformation and empower that individual to become the best version of his/herself through God’s word, the Bible.

Through the power of God and His teachings through God’s Holy Word, the Bible, our members’ lives change as they overcome their fears, walk in faith, and transform through God’s forgiveness, repentance, and total life transformation.  

BCMI is an evangelical ministry whose focus is the total transformation of the mind, body, and spirit through intense Christian-based intervention ministry based on a Christian-based intervention model developed by Pastor Daniel Baker, referred to as Christian-based Shock Transformation administered through BCMI’s wholly-owned subsidiary Hardcore Ministries.

​We are a state-of-the-art Christian-based Co-Op Outreach and Intervention Ministry changing many lives through our teaching, products, and services.  Let us help you create and change your life “Spiritually and Financially Through Ministry.” Legal Notice:  Bakers Concepts Ministries (FP-GP) DBA., BCMI is a short-term Outreach Ministry.  As a Co-Op For-Profit Ministry, we are partnered with long-term Christian programs to meet the needs of our clients in outreach.  These programs include but are not limited to  Ministries, Para-Churches, and Non-Profits, including but not limited to strong Fraternal, Sorotical, CIvic, and Government-assisted programs run in the communities we serve designed to help “Men” become who they want to be. For a list of our approved programs, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our site today…